Wellness Programs

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Body-Composition Analysis

This quick but accurate assessment with skin-fold calipers lets you know your body composition (percentage of body fat and lean-muscle mass). Cost: $5

FitSmart Fitness Appraisal

Make an individual appointment for this fitness screening that includes seven components of fitness and wellness: resting blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition, muscular strength, flexibility, risk factor questionnaire and cardiovascular endurance. The appraisal and consultation take approximately 30 minutes. Cost: $15

Weight Management

This 10-week program includes an initial consultation, 5 follow-up meetings, an exercise program and body composition analysis at the beginning and the end of the 10 weeks. Cost: $60

Personal Fitness Consultation

This is a personalized program designed by a member of the fitness staff. It consists of instruction in aerobic training as well as strength training. Cost: $45

Personal Training

Get individual attention from a personal trainer during one-on-one workouts. Cost: 1-hour session $45 1.5-hour session $70 5-hour package $220 10-hour package $430 20-hour package $820 30-hour package $1,170

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Sport-Specific Personal Training

Whether you’re a runner, golfer, tennis player or swimmer, our sport-specific trainer can guide you through an appropriate program to help increase your speed, power, agility and strength. (The rates are the same as regular personal training.)

To purchase, go to the Online Registration System and log in based upon your affiliation with the University.