About Us

A group of people smiling in black long sleeves with two green plants on the side.

Princeton University Campus Recreation

Mission Statement (2019)

Campus Recreation engages the Princeton University community in co-curricular experiences to inspire lifelong health and well-being.

Vision Statement

We aspire to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment where Campus Rec can be the best part of your day!

Core Values

Princeton Athletics is proud of its unparalleled tradition of Education Through Athletics and Competitive Excellence.
To be a TIGER at Princeton means making the most of incredible opportunities to Achieve, Serve and Lead.
It means developing the values that define the culture of the Department of Athletics: 
to be Accountable and Team-oriented; to have Integrity; to be Growth-minded; Engaged, and Respectful.

 Education Through Athletics- Be a Tiger- Accountable, Team Oriented, Integrity, Growth-Minded, Engaged, Respectful

Our Goals
  1. Provide an atmosphere where FUN is valued.
  2. Create and strengthen a sense of belonging and community.
  3. Cultivate leaders through professional and staff development opportunities.
  4. Research latest trends and provide modern equipment and facility spaces.
  5. Deliver diverse recreational opportunities that engage our entire campus.
  6. Offer programs and services that strive for promoting positive well-being across the seven dimensions of the UMatter Wellness Wheel: Physical, Spiritual, Occupational, Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Social.
  7. Collaborate with university departments to prioritize health and well-being across campus.
Learning Outcomes

Through participation within Campus Recreation facilities, programs and services, students will be able to:

  1. Engage in behaviors and contribute to environments that promote health and well-being.
  2. Explore personal well-being and take an active role in their personal wellness.
  3. Establish healthy habits leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Make purposeful decisions regarding balance among education, work, and leisure time.
  5. Discover co-curricular experiences outside the classroom that contribute to personal development.
  6. Better understand, embrace and confidently engage diverse populations.
  7. Have fun and develop healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others through social interaction and activity.
  8. Cultivate a sense of belonging and recognize their connection to the campus community.

In addition to the learning outcomes listed above, TeamRec Staff and Sport Club Officers will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate practical competence in basic transferable job skills.
  2. Identify an awareness of diversity and contribute to an inclusive social climate and welcoming environment.
  3. Experience leadership and development opportunities.
  4. Facilitate the civic engagement of others while assisting individuals and/or groups in meeting their goals.
Statements of Solidarity

A Statement to the Princeton Community

While Princeton Campus Recreation generally maintains a voice of positivity and promotes fun for all, in this moment we recognize that much of our country is currently feeling quite the opposite. Many are struggling with feelings of hurt, sadness, disappointment, fear and frustration.⁣

⁣We hear you, we see you, and we stand in solidarity with the Black community in the face of systemic racial inequity and injustices. We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, or hate, and we support and encourage the pursuit of social justice for all.⁣

Campus Recreation remains committed to educating our employees on issues of social justice and will continue to seek ways in which we can ensure a safe and welcoming space for all. We are not perfect, but we remain here for you and here for the tough work ahead.⁣

Take care, be well, and stay safe.

-Princeton Campus Recreation

Asian AAPI Solidarity Statement

Princeton University Campus Recreation supports the statements issued by Princeton University as well as Princeton Athletics, in light of the recent violence and tragedies against Asian American communities. Hate, intimidation, threats, and violence are the antithesis of what we stand for.  We stand in solidarity with our Asian-American, Asian, and Pacific Islander colleagues, students, alumni, faculty, staff, family and friends. Campus Rec remains committed to working towards a more safe, just and equitable Princeton University community and beyond.