Meet Campus Recreation

Princeton University Campus Recreation Mission Statement (May, 2010)

Princeton University Campus Recreation seeks to improve the health and well-being of the University community through the core principles of fitness and wellness, healthy competition, lifelong skill development, and community-building. These guiding principles aim to improve the quality of life on campus and strengthen the ties between and among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty and staff. Campus Recreation provides educational and leadership opportunities through instructional programs, intramural activities, and sport club teams for diverse levels of skill and ability. As the focal point of recreation, Dillon Gymnasium provides a full range of facilities for participation in personal fitness and wellness, and informal recreation at the crossroads of the Princeton campus.

Committee on Campus Recreation

In response to an external review of the Campus Recreation Program conducted in March, 2005 and suggestions offered at a Campus Recreation Brainstorm Session held March, 2008, Princeton University Campus Recreation is establishing an Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation. 

The Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation will act in an advisory role on program issues/development and policy interpretation.  The Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation will serve in a non-binding, advisory capacity to the Associate Director of Athletics for Campus Recreation.   
The Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation is comprised of two at-large faculty members, and two at-large staff members (all of whom apply to sit on the council); representatives of the Undergraduate Student Government, Undergraduate Life Committee, Graduate School, and the Sport Club Executive Committee; an intramural chair; and staff representatives of Outdoor Action, University Health Services, and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.  Members are required to attend regular meetings of the council and become familiar with Princeton University Campus Recreation operations and staff.
The terms for students shall be 1 year, and all others shall serve 2 year appointments. The Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation will meet 3-4 times during the academic year. 
The mission of the Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Recreation is to support the Associate Director of Athletics for Campus Recreation in a non-binding, advisory role on programmatic issues/development and policy interpretation. This support can take many forms as the committee works to improve programs, policies and facilities to the betterment of all recreational users.