Non-Student Job Application

Non-Student Employment Opportunities

Individuals who are not a student of Princeton University should complete this online application form. Select which position(s) you would like to apply for from the dropdown menu (at the top). Please note that hiring availability/open positions for each position may vary throughout the year. TeamRec positions and brief descriptions are provided below.

Dillon Gym Building Supervisor

This TeamRec position is seasonal and assists in the daily facility management and fitness operation of Dillon Gymnasium. Includes working closely with other program areas in Campus Recreation and interacting with Princeton campus community.  Responsibilities include providing positive customer service, monitoring building safety/security and conducting sales/equipment rentals. 

Group Fitness Instructor

This TeamRec position is responsible for leading and delivering group fitness instruction ranging in variety and level from aerobic activity, muscular strength, stretch, dance, yoga or mind body disciplines in a safe and effective format. Instructors must be certified to instruct group fitness classes for a specified health or fitness program, from a credible governing body. Auditions will be required of all applicants. First Aid and CPR certifications are required (training is provided by Campus Recreation).

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