Campus Walking Maps

This page contains information about various walking/jogging routes around Princeton's campus.  You can download hand-drawn maps of the routes listed below.

Jogging Routes at Princeton

While there are an infinite number of jogging routes throughout the campus area, the purpose of this information is to outline specific routes of varying length.  This group of routes will provide a basis from which individual alterations and changes can easily be made.

When Jogging, Remember...

  1. Run in proper running shoes - tennis shoes promote blistering.
  2. Stretch out well before and after each run.
  3. Always run against traffic when running along a road.
  4. Jog at your own pace - not someone else's.


1.8 Miles

This route encircles the athletic fields and facilities west of Washington Road.

2.5 Miles

This route is similar to the 1.8 mile route, but also includes part of scenic Lake Carnegie.

3.0 Miles

This route begins with a view of stately Prospect Avenue, goes up Riverside Drive, and comes back along Nassau Street.

Unknown Miles

This route shows off the beauty of the Graduate School and the Institute woods by going out past the Grad School, around the Institute loop, and back the way you came.

4.5 Miles

For the more ambitious runner, this route starts off east on Nassau Street and goes all the way to the lake where you take a right onto Prospect and come home via "The Clubs."