Dillon Gym Construction Letter

Princeton University

Office of the Vice President for Facilities Operations

MacMillan Building

Princeton, New Jersey 08543



TO: Distribution                                                                 DATE: February 2, 2024




FROM: Karen D. Fanning                                                   RE: Dillon Gymnasium Construction Summer ‘24

            Project Communication Manager



This correspondence is to inform parents and staff of the construction that will take place in and around Dillon Gymnasium starting Summer of 2024. 


The Class of 1986 Fitness and Wellness Expansion Project includes construction of a 2-story addition at the southeast corner of the building and resurfacing of the existing court for future recreation use. 


The project also includes a major renovation of interior spaces including the south portion of the A level, and Stephens Fitness center in the southwest wing of the building.  The renovation will create a new accessible entrance and lobby on the north side of the south wing and will introduce a new elevator that will serve all levels on the south side of the building and increase accessibility to most of the building.


Work will also take place to renovate the exterior façade including masonry repairs as well as demolition and replacement of exterior windows and vestibule entrances.


What can you expect to see Summer 2024:

  • Construction fencing with mesh screening is installed around the perimeter of Dillon Gym and will separate exterior construction activities from occupied areas.  Interior construction is also separated from occupied areas via partitions. 
  • Public entrances will be clearly marked and will remain accessible for camp drop off and pick up.  Overhead protection is installed at all entrances and egress locations as needed. 
  • Temporary pathways and signage are in place to direct pedestrians to public entrances and around the construction site.
  • Construction personnel is in place, as needed, to flag construction vehicles and deliveries in and out of the site.
  • Construction Activities:
    • Installation of the new building exterior including structure, roofing and masonry.
    • Masonry repairs and window replacement on the exterior of the existing building.
    • Renovation of interior of existing building.
  • You can expect some noise and dust associated with the construction activities listed.  The project team will do their best to minimize both.


There will be additional construction projects taking place Summer 2024 adjacent to Dillon Gymnasium.  Activities between projects will be coordinated closely to ensure the safety of parents, staff and visitors at all times but visitors should take extra caution when dropping off and picking up their campers.