Event Request Form

Please complete the online request from below for all event and space requests (Special Events in Dillon Gym, 5K Races on campus, etc.). Once your request has been processed, you will receive a follow-up email confirming your space.

Note: processing time for event and/or space requests takes approximately 2-3 days business days. Requests made over the weekend will be considered received on Monday.

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Please note, if you are not affiliated with the University please contact Conference and Event Services for campus space requests.
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For more information on fitness related campus outreach programs (i.e., Workshops at Work, Wellness on Wheels, etc.) please visit Campus Outreach, or reach out directly to Matt Brzycki .
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Please provide a full and complete description including any details regarding the activities that will be taking place during your event.
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Please note, you are responsible for cleaning up or making arrangements for your event to be cleaned up so please account for that in the times you list.
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If you need AV equipment or technical support, please contact Media Services at least one week in advance of your event.
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All requests regarding space set-up or clean-up should be directed to Building Services. Requests could include equipment orders (tables, chairs, trash cans, etc.), additional janitorial coverage (trash removal, restroom cleaning), tarping the main gym floor, lobby ramp setup (for deliveries), etc.