Carnival of Fitness

Fitness Event and Engagement Activity
Apr 4, 2024Apr 5, 2024
Class of 1986 Fitness & Wellness Center/Dillon Gym
  • Alumni
  • Dillon Gym Members
  • Faculty/Staff
  • First-Year Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Princeton Affiliates
  • Undergraduate Students


Event Description

The Carnival of Fitness is coming to the Class of 1986 Fitness & Wellness Center/Dillon Gym!

Dillon Gym members test their strength, speed and mind in (3) optional events.

  • TEST YOUR STRENGTH! Participants test their left hand and right hand grip strength. 
    • Participant with the strongest strength wins. 
  • TEST YOUR SPEED! Participants burn 25 calories on a Life Fitness Upright Bike.
    • Top performers will receive prizes.
  • TEST YOUR MIND! Participants guess how many (skittles) are in the jar.
    • Participant with the closest guess wins. 

Participants must check-in with a Campus Rec Staff member to enter event. 

For any questions or reasonable accommodation requests, please contact Andrew Brown at [email protected] or 609-258-1647.