The Future of Fitness and Wellness on the Princeton Campus: Construction Projects, Phase 2

Health and Wellness Speaker Series
May 8, 2024, 1:00 pm2:00 pm



Event Description

During this class you'll learn about the most up-to-date progress of the two ongoing fitness- and wellness-based renovation projects taking place on Princeton’s campus: the Class of 1986 Fitness and Wellness Center and the Meadows Campus Fitness Center.  The conversation will also include highlights of what's included in Phase 2 of Class of 1986 Fitness and Wellness Center project and information on when you can expect to have access to the Meadows Campus Fitness Center.  Join us for an enlightening discussion about these new and exciting spaces for Campus Recreation!

Dan Bennett, BS, is the Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Facilities and Operations at Princeton University.  As a senior member of the Campus Recreation staff, he continues to work with various committees across Campus Life and campus in general.  Dan began working at Princeton in a full-time capacity in 2006, serving as the Morning Manager of the Stephens Fitness Center and a personal trainer.  In 2009, he was named the Assistant Director of Recreational Facilities in the Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Pennsylvania and returned to Princeton in 2011.  The educational aspect of Dan's role is extremely important to him and he has placed a major emphasis on the development of the student staff who he has supervised here at Princeton and the many student interns (40+) who he has mentored over the course of his many years of working in the field.  Dan is a long-time member of National Intramural-Recreation Association (NIRSA) where he has had opportunity to network with colleagues within higher education across the country while serving the association in different capacities which includes a stint as the New Jersey State Director, being on committees/working groups and co-leading a regional conference planning team.  In the past, Dan has also held various positions at rehabilitation clinics and commercial gyms throughout the New Jersey-Delaware area.  He earned his bachelor of science degree in exercise and sports science from Rutgers University.

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