Healthier, Happier Joints: Improving Mobility for the “Flexibility Challenged” through Active Stretching Techniques

Health and Wellness Speaker Series



Event Description

Learn some proven techniques to improve your mobility and promote healthier joints.  This class is primarily geared to help individuals with common problems, especially those that are associated with physical inactivity and repetitive strain issues.  The focus will be on active stretching techniques such as “controlled articular rotation.”


James Eatroff, ACSM-CPT, is a project assistant in Health Promotion and Prevention Services for University Health Services at Princeton University.  Jim is accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer® and has been training people to become more physically fit for nearly 40 years.  He specializes in teaching eclectic strategies to overcome the obstacles to living a healthier life.  Jim has more than a decade of dedicated service at the university.