How to Have a Positive Approach to Exercise, Health and Life

Health and Wellness Speaker Series
May 1, 2024, 1:00 pm2:00 pm



Event Description

Who hasn't felt stressed at some point during the past few years?  Among other things, stress often leads to negative thoughts and feelings.  In this class, you'll learn actionable information, including how the power of positive thinking can have a positive impact on exercise, health and life!

Diana Del Garbino is the CEO and owner of Muscles In Motion, Inc, a private personal-training studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Diana was previously a police officer in California, earning the ranks of corporal, detective and SWAT officer.  She is an avid learner who believes that everyone deserves to be strong and live a healthy lifestyle.  Diana founded Muscles In Motion in 2007 and has trained with the Titleist Performance Institute, achieving the highest level of golf fitness trainer.  As an avid golfer, Diana believes that golf is a lot like life, you have to play the ball where it is.  You get the choice as to how you respond.  (website:

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