From Paws to Pause: How to Transform Your Life Through Embracing the Wisdom and Wanderlust of a Mindful Traveling Dog

Health and Wellness Speaker Series
Mar 6, 2024, 1:00 pm2:00 pm



Event Description

Join the speaker -- a Mindfulness Master Trainer -- for a transformative workshop inspired by the global adventures of her dog, Sunny.  Ildy combines traditional mindfulness techniques with captivating storytelling, drawing on Sunny's journeys from New Zealand to Europe to the US.  This class offers more than just the skills to relax and recharge; it's a journey into the heart.  Through Sunny's adventures, learn his favorite mindfulness exercises and gain insights on how to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine to foster deeper connections.

Ildy Meixner is a Mindfulness Master Trainer and global speaker.  The founder of IM Mindfulness Institute, Ildy has been a highly valued speaker at Princeton University since 2020.  With nearly two decades of well-being experience that spans five continents and almost 20 countries, she takes immense joy in empowering lives through mindfulness and mental vitality.  Ildy is a Hungarian-born New Zealander with a mission to empower individuals through her online classes and courses to supercharge their well-being,  She offers transformative experiences that unleash inner strength, conquer anxiety, boost mood and ensure restful sleep. (website:

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