Self Defense Series: Krav Maga

  • Feb 19, 2023, 2:00 pm4:00 pm
  • Mar 26, 2023, 2:00 pm4:00 pm
  • Apr 23, 2023, 2:00 pm4:00 pm
  • Dillon Gym Members
  • First-Year Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Undergraduate Students


Event Description

Instructors: David Kahn ’94 & Molly Seltzer

Three Seminars:

  • Sunday, 2/19: 2-4pm
  • Sunday, 3/26: 2-4pm
  • Sunday, 4/23: 2-4pm

Location: Dillon Gym (GFR)

Cost: Free

Krav Maga is a no-nonsense, world-renowned danger detection and self-defense system. The course focuses on identifying potential dangers, escaping danger, and, if necessary, a few highly effective, adaptable self-defense tactics applicable to myriad situations.  David Kahn '94 and Molly Seltzer will teach the course.  

David has taught these tactics to the FBI, US Marshals, Secret Service, DEA, Federal Air Marshals, Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, Marine and Air Force Special Operations among others along with star NFL players.  Course topics include: 

· How to fall down safely (kinetic and non-kinetic situations)

· Awareness and recognizing pre-violence kinesic indicators

· Defending grabs

· Defending pushes

· Defending chokes

· Defending takedowns

· Defending the most typical punch attacks

The subject matter we cover will is featured in the book, Krav Maga Defense, by David Kahn (St. Martin's Press 2016). 

Build your skills by attending all three seminars for a complete, comprehensive experience or sign up for any single seminar to learn techniques!

Registration for each day will be separate - if you intend to go to all three seminar dates, please make sure to sign up for each date individually.