Unlock the Powers of Mindful Sleep in Three Simple Steps

Health and Wellness Speaker Series
Jun 6, 2023, 1:15 pm2:15 pm



Event Description

Do you feel more tired day by day, no matter how much sleep you get?  Sleep is as important as breathing and eating.  If you want to raise your performance, you must pay attention to this fundamental biological issue.  A good night’s sleep is a requirement to form new learnings and memory pathways in the brain.  Maximize your sleep mindfully with the same techniques that the instructor has used to teach CEOs, professional athletes and celebrities in Australia, New Zealand and the US.


Ildy Meixner is the founder of IM Mindfulness and a resilience expert who specializes in anxiety, stress, trauma and sleep management.  She is a Hungarian-born New Zealander who has spent more than 15 years in the field of well-being, gaining a deep understanding of the vital link between physical and mental health.  Her passion for helping people achieve optimal mental vitality has led her to develop a revolutionary new program – endorsed by the renowned Dr. Karl Nielsen – as “the most innovative integrated mindfulness program” that combines the power of mindfulness with the joys of travel of her furry friend called, Sunny’s Pawesome Adventures Around the World.  (website: www.immindfulness.com)