Dillon Gym User FAQ

  • Who has access to Dillon Gym?
    As of April 1, 2022, everyone who is affiliated with Princeton University (faculty, staff, alumni, affiliates, dependents) and full vaccinated* (see definition) are eligible to purchase a membership to Dillon Gym! For those who are eligible please select your status under Purchasing Memberships (Updated 3/23/22).

  • Do I have to complete the Daily Symptom Check every time I come in?
    NO, we are no longer requiring users to fill out the questionnaire on the Tiger Safe App and show the green checkmark, unless you have received an accommodation and have not been vaccinated. (Updated 8/11/21)
  • What are your hours?
    You can find our hours on our Facilities Hours page. The Dillon Pool has separate hours, so please review if you plan to use that space.
  • Do I always need to carry a disinfectant bottle and microfiber towel?
    YES, you must wipe down equipment before and after use. Then, return the items through the Dillon Gym lobby and exit out the main doors.

  • Can I just show up whenever I want to workout?
    YES, reservations are no longer required to use Dillon Gym as of 5/26/2021. (Updated 5/25)

  • Can I use the water fountains?
    NO, we ask you to please bring your pre-filled water bottle and use our bottle filling stations in the facility.

  • Are lockers available for use?
    YES, locker assignments will be available at the front desk on a first come first serve basis to all patrons with an active membership and University students.  Day-use lockers are also available throughout the locker room level.  (Updated 6/30/21)

  • Are showers available to use?
    YES, Locker Room and Gender-Inclusive Restroom showers will be available for use. (Updated 5/19/21)

  • Can I use any other exits in the building to leave?
    NO, you MUST exit through the Dillon Gym lobby and return your disinfectant bottle and microfiber towel. All other doors are emergency exits only.

  • Can I purchase a membership or Flex Pass at the Front Desk in Dillon Gym?
    YES, in-person sales are now available.

  • Are there in-person Group Fitness Classes?
    YES, the Summer Class Schedule runs from July 6th - August 20th (Updated 7/1/21).

  • How can I participate in Group Fitness Classes?
    Students no longer have to purchase a Flex Pass to attend a class; please bring PUID and show it to the instructor.
    Faculty/Staff with Dillon Gym memberships must purchase a Flex Pass online. After you purchase your Flex Pass, your name will be on the roster of Flex Pass holders, so you must have your PUID with you to match your name on the roster (Updated 7/1/21).

  • Is there sports equipment or lawn games that I can rent?
    YES, we have a variety of options for you to use - check out our Equipment Rental page to see what's available and to submit a request!