Facility Use Policies

Policies - GeneralDillon Gym: General Use          


  • All users MUST be enrolled in the asymptomatic testing protocol
  • Double reservations within the same space will NOT be permitted.
  • Missed Session Policy will be implemented:
    • 1st missed session will result in a warning.
    • 2nd missed session will result in a final warning.
    • 3rd and every subsequent missed session will result in a 3 day suspension from the reservation system and Dillon Gym.
  • *During the month of January a new question will be added to the Daily Symptom Check - Gym Facilities Questionnaire for Dillon Gym: The question will ask if you have traveled outside of NJ, NY, CT, PA, and DE in the past 10 days. If you “yes,” they will not be allowed to use the facility.
  • Entry will be permitted no more than 10 minutes prior to reservation start time. (Added 1/6/21)
  • Entry will be permitted up to 15 minutes after reservation start time.  Late arrival may result in loss of reservation slot. (Added 1/6/21)

The following guidelines apply in all activity areas of Dillon Gym:

  • Face coverings and social distancing required at all times.
    • Apply face covering prior to entering the building.
    • Maintain 6 feet (2m) of distance from others, about the length of one Princeton Tiger.
  • Upon entry into the facility, all patrons will be given a microfiber towel and personal 16oz bottle of disinfectant to keep their areas clean throughout the duration of their reservation in the building.  All equipment must be wiped down after you finish an exercise.
  • Temperature/Health Screening will be conducted upon arrival.
    • Must show results of Daily Symptom Check - Gym Facilities Questionnaire via Tiger Safe app 
  • Carry personal belongings with you at all times:
    • No lockers/cubbies will be allowed
    • No showers are allowed (exception is the pool shower rinse off before swimming)
    • Locker Rooms and Gender-Inclusive Restrooms will only be used for restrooms and hand washing
  • All patrons are responsible for bringing their own filled water bottle with them.  Only limited bottle filling stations will be available.  
  • Water, or sports drinks, in closed, resealable containers are allowed.  All other drinks and glass containers are not permitted. 
  • Drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are strictly prohibited.
  • Usage and/or storage of bicycles within the facility is prohibited.  All bicycles must be locked in designated areas outside.
  • Animals are not permitted (except guide / aid animals).
  • Appropriate shoes and attire are required in all activity areas.  Non-marking athletic shoes are required on all wood surfaces, including the main gym floor and all other activity rooms.  For health and sanitary purposes closed-toe athletics shoes and shirts are required while using the facility.
  • The use of cameras of any kind (unless approval has been granted) are strictly prohibited.
  • Unauthorized lessons of any kind are strictly prohibited within Dillon Gym.


Reservation System

All patrons are required to reserve space within Dillon Gym before entering the building. Please use the following link to make a reservation - LINK - COMING SOON!

ID Requirements

Verification of eligibility to use Dillon Gym and/or participate in all recreational programming is required.  The following guidelines apply:

  • All patrons must swipe a current and validated ID card at the card reader upon entrance into Dillon Gym.
  • Giving your ID to someone else, so that person may gain unauthorized access to Dillon Gym, is prohibited.
  • Patrons who forget or lose their ID/membership card will be denied access to facilities or programs.
Guest and Family Access

Due to current restrictions, guest and family access is currently suspended.

Locker Room and Locker Usage

Men's and Women's Locker Rooms

Locker Room use will be limited to hand washing and restroom use only. Patrons must carry all personal belongings with them while using the facility. Locker use is prohibited at this time. 

Gender-inclusive Areas

Gender-Inclusive restrooms are available for handing washing and restroom use only. Six gender-inclusive restrooms are located on the A-level of Dillon Gym. Four in the south corridor and two in the north corridor. These rooms are available to those of need on a first-come-first-serve basis. Both accessible and ADA rooms are available.


Lost and Found

All lost and found items found in the Stephens Fitness Center will be stored in a secure location in the Stephens Fitness Center. All items found in the remaining areas of Dillon Gym will be stored in a secure location at the ID desk. All items will be stored for a total of at least 30 days and then donated to charity if unclaimed.

Fitness Areas

Policies - Fitness

  • Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times.
    • Jeans, work boots, sandals or bare feet are not permitted.
    • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • No food, canned beverages, glass bottles or cups are permitted in the exercise areas.
  • Patrons must carry all personal belongings with them while using the facility. Cubby use is prohibited at this time. 
  • All weights must be returned to their appropriate places when you are done using them.
    • All free weights should be returned to the plate holders with plates of the same weight (for example, 5s with 5s, 10s with 10s and so on).
    • All dumbbells should be returned to the dumbbell racks in sequential order.
    • Weights are not to be left on the floor.
    • Weights are not to be leaned against the walls, mirrors or equipment.
    • Weights are not to be dropped or thrown on the floor.
  • Equipment must be disinfected (using provided microfiber towel and disinfectant spray) immediately after you finish an exercise.
  • In consideration of others, limit your time on the “cardio” equipment to 30 minutes.
  • Inappropriate language or behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Be respectful of other individuals and the equipment.


Aquatic Facilities (Dillon and DeNunzio Pools)

Policies - Pool

The Dillon Pool is open for recreational swim during posted hours.  It is recommended to check the facilities hours page on a regular basis for updated information in regards to altered pool hours. Pool hours change several times throughout the year.

The following guidelines apply while using the pool:

  • Face coverings must be worn unless you are in the pool.
  • Proper attire must be worn when walking to and from the pool area; shirts, shoes/flip-flops, etc.
  • All patrons are responsible for bringing their own filled water bottle with them.  Only limited bottle filling stations will be available. 
  • Sharing of equipment is prohibited.
  • You are only permitted to use the lane or wading area you have reserved.
  • Please exit the pool promptly at the end of your reserved timeslot.
  • Personal belongings may be kept in the bleachers during your reservation.
  • The use of the Dillon Pool is prohibited unless supervised by a lifeguard. 
  • Appropriate swimming attire is required. Please use the locker room facilities to change; not the bleachers, pool deck showers or pool deck.
  • The pool temperature will be kept at a consistent temperature throughout the academic year. The average pool temperature at Dillon Pool is 82 degrees and the average pool temperature at DeNunzio Pool is 80 degrees.
  • The amount of equipment that can enhance your workout is endless (i.e. aqua joggers, paddleboards, goggles, etc.)  When stopping to put equipment on or take equipment off, be aware of others and take care not to interrupt others while they are swimming.
  • Lane lines are expensive.  Please do not hang on the lane lines between sets or after workouts.
  • Showering is required before entering the pool. Showers can be found both in the lockers rooms and on the pool deck.
  • Always enter the water feet first.  Make sure you are aware of the water depth and others swimming while entering or exiting the pool.
  • Teaching swim lessons for personal gains is not permitted unless organized by the Princeton University Aquatics office.
Main Gym Floor

The Main Gym Floor will be available for informal recreation, use of limited fitness equipment, and limited basketball space.

All Other Activity Rooms/Areas

All other activity rooms/areas are closed until further notice.

Marketing Policy
  • Posting of signage in Dillon Gym will be removed and discarded if found outside of approved locations. See Dillon Gym staff for approved locations.
  • Campus Recreation only accepts signage from Princeton-affiliated organizations, University departments and community partners.
  • Signage must provide accurate event information including sponsoring organization contact information, name and/or logo.
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse to post any signage that violates the University’s policies.
  • Signage at Dillon Gym does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service or information.
Electronic and Mobile Device Policy

In order to ensure the privacy of all patrons, the use of electronic/mobile devices (i.e., cell phones, tablets) for photography - photo and video - is strictly prohibited within all activity areas, locker rooms and/or restrooms unless prior authorization is given by Campus Recreation administration.  Personal devices may be used within Dillon Gym while listening to audio via headphones or streaming appropriate video content. Please remember to be respectful of those around you during phone calls or texting.

The above guidelines are designed for the protection of members, employees and facilities.  All members are expected to act appropriately and be respectful of others while participating in programs and/or using the facilities.  Members may not interfere with employee duties, use obscene language, or engage in verbal or physical abuse of employees or fellow members.  All members must observe all posted signs and verbal directions provided by the Campus Recreation staff.  Princeton University Campus Recreation reserves the right to remove individuals from any facility and to suspend/revoke a membership based on the actions of that individual.