Facility Use Policies

Policies - General

Dillon Gym: General Use

The following guidelines apply in all activity areas of Dillon Gym:

  • After check-in, all patrons must take a microfiber towel and use a bottle of disinfectant (available throughout the facility) to keep their areas clean.  All equipment must be wiped down after you finish an exercise.
  • Locker assignments are available at the front desk on a first come first serve basis to all patrons with an active membership.  Day-use lockers are also available throughout the locker room level. Cubbies are also available for use in the Stephens Fitness Center. (Updated 6/30)
  • All patrons are responsible for bringing their own filled water bottle with them.  Only limited bottle filling stations will be available.  
  • Water, or sports drinks, in closed, resealable containers are allowed.  All other drinks and glass containers are not permitted. 
  • Drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are strictly prohibited.
  • Usage and/or storage of bicycles within the facility is prohibited.  All bicycles must be locked in designated areas outside.
  • Animals are not permitted (except guide / aid animals).
  • Appropriate shoes and attire are required in all activity areas.  Non-marking athletic shoes are required on all wood surfaces, including the main gym floor and all other activity rooms.  For health and sanitary purposes, closed-toe athletics shoes and shirts are required while using the facility.
  • The use of cameras of any kind (unless approval has been granted) are strictly prohibited.
  • Unauthorized lessons of any kind are strictly prohibited within Dillon Gym.

The above guidelines are designed for the protection of members, employees and facilities.  All members are expected to act appropriately and be respectful of others while participating in programs and/or using the facilities.  Members may not interfere with employee duties, use obscene language, or engage in verbal or physical abuse of employees or fellow members.  All members must observe all posted signs and verbal directions provided by the Campus Recreation staff.  Princeton University Campus Recreation reserves the right to remove individuals from any facility and to suspend/revoke a membership based on the actions of that individual.