Spring 2021 Dillon Gym FAQ

  • Who has access to Dillon Gym?
    Currently enrolled Princeton University students approved to be on campus and enrolled in the asymptomatic testing protocol. University Employees do not have access to using the facility.
  • Do I have to wear a face-covering the whole time?
    YES! You must wear a face-covering at all times, except when in the pool.
  • Do I have to complete the Gym Facilities Questionnaire every time I come in?
    YES, you must fill out the questionnaire on the Tiger Safe App and show the green checkmark. If not, you will be asked verbally to answer each question.
  • What are your hours?
    You can find our hours on our Facilities & Reservations page. The Dillon Pool has separate hours, so please review if you plan to use that space.
  • Do I always need to carry a disinfectant bottle and microfiber towel?
    YES, you must wipe down equipment before and after use. Then, return the items through the Dillon Gym lobby and exit out the main doors.

  • How long are reservations?
    45 minutes – we encourage you to plan out your workout according to your time slots & equipment available in each space. On our Facilities & Operations page, we list out the equipment available in each space. You will be asked to exit when the 45 minutes are complete.

  • Can I just show up whenever I want to workout?
    NO, you MUST make a reservation for each space you’d like to you BEFORE coming into Dillon Gym.

  • When do reservations open and how far in advance can you make reservations?
    Registration will open one week at a time. The sign-up period will begin the Friday before.
    For example: for Monday, February 1st - Sunday, February 7th registration will open on Friday, January 29th. We encourage you to plan accordingly!

  • How many reservations can I have for a single day?
    You can make one reservation per space per day.

  • Can I have back-to-back reservations in the same location?
    NO, you cannot book back-to-back sessions. However, you may reserve one space for 45 minutes then another space for the following hour.
    For example: Stephens Fitness Center @8:00am & Main Gym Floor @9:00am.

  • How early can I arrive to check-in?
    No more than 10 minutes prior to reservation start time.
    For example: 10:50am for 11:00am session.

  • How late can I be for my reservation?
    Entry will be permitted up to 15 minutes after reservation start time. Late arrival may result in loss of reservation slot and missed session penalty.

  • What happens if I don’t make it to my reservation?
    Your first two missed sessions will result in warnings, and every missed session thereafter may result in a 3-day suspension from the reservation system and Dillon Gym.

  • Can I use the water fountains?
    NO, we ask you to please bring your pre-filled water bottle and use our bottle filling stations in the facility.

  • Are lockers available for use?
    NO, we are asking you to keep your belongings with you at all times. If you are in the Stephens Fitness Center, you may use the cubbies!

  • Are showers available to use?
    NO, Locker Rooms and Gender-Inclusive Restrooms will only be available for restroom use and hand washing. The exception is rinsing off in the pool shower before swimming.

  • Can I use any other exits in the building to leave?
    NO, you MUST exit through the Dillon Gym lobby and return your disinfectant bottle and microfiber towel. All other doors are emergency exits only.