Intramural Point System

The Intramural Point System is a competition that runs through the entire academic year between the Residential Colleges, Grad College, WWS, and the Eating Clubs. These groups will participate in Intramural Events from September-May and earn points for every activity. At the end of the year, total point winners are declared for the following categories: Overall IM Champion, Overall Residential College IM Champion, and Overall Eating Club IM Champion.

Intramural Chairs

An IM Chair is a representative from the Grad College, Residential Colleges, and Eating Club that attend monthly meetings with the Intramural Sports Office regarding policies and procedures, as well as upcoming events. They are responsible for keeping track of the IM Forfeit Bond for their organization while keeping track of the IM Points they are earning. If you are looking to get on a team, please contact your IM Chair below to help you do so.

2017-18 Residential College Champions-Wilson College

WilsonCollege Champs

2017-18 Eating Club Champions-Cannon

Cannon Champion