Ivy Step Challenge

Ivy Step Challenge. Presented by Ivy League Campus Recreation Departments. Who will step it up?

Thursday, August 6th - Sunday, August 9th

Princeton Tigers, we need your help in proving that WE ARE THE BEST in the Ivy League! Lace-up your sneakers, maximize your daily steps, and join your fellow Princetonians on our quest for glory. The Ivy Step Challenge is a friendly competition against ALL Ivy League institutions to encourage well-being and physical activity while practicing physical distancing. Simply submit your total steps daily during our four-day challenge and you will help Princeton earn bragging rights of being crowned the Ivy Step Champions!

Who can participate?

The Princeton Community including:

- Undergraduate Students
- Graduate Students
- Faculty/Staff
- Alumni
- Affiliates
- Community

All university affiliates are encouraged and welcome to participate!

For reasonable accommodation requests, please contact Tim Phanthavong at tp15@princeton.edu.

How do I participate?

No registration required. However, if you'd like to receive daily reminders to submit your steps during the challenge go to IMPORTANT Submission Details

What do I need to do?

Submit 1 entry per day with your total daily steps using the entry form below.

How to track your total steps counts:

Use any pedometer/step tracker that you have available. Smart mobile phones and watches have apps already installed to help you collect your daily progress!

IMPORTANT Submission Details

All participants must submit their total steps by 11:59pm EST daily in order to have their steps accounted for in the Ivy Challenge standings. Any steps submitted after 12:00am EST will count towards the standings of the following day.

Be sure to submit 1 entry per day with your total steps! Multiple entries per individual in one day will bring down our overall average.

If you'd like to receive daily reminders to submit your steps during the challenge sign up below!

How do we become the Ivy Step Champions?

Our goal, as Princeton University, is to collectively have the HIGHEST AVERAGE of steps in 4 days!

Additional results & prizes: The Ivy school with the most overall steps will have an honorable mention. The Top MVPs (individual with the highest steps) for each day will receive an Intramural T-Shirt.

Be sure to follow us at @PUCampusRec for daily standings, goals & announcements of MVPs!

For more information and reasonable accommodation requests, please contact Tim Phanthavong or Maria Lauron-Ramos.



Princeton	16,685 Brown	14,921 Dartmouth	14,407 Yale	12,607 Columbia	12,253 Cornell	11,968 Penn	11,699 Harvard	11,331

Princeton Ivy Step MVPs

Day Total Steps Participant Affiliation
1 43,402 Isabella de la Houssaye '86 Alumni
2 41,368 Jenny Korn '96 Alumni
3 51,059 Warren Croxton Staff/Faculty
4 61,759 Andrew Borders Staff/Faculty


Ivy Step Challenge. League Recap. Overall Total Steps.

Ivy League Recap. Total Entries

Overall League Results

As a league, we had an average of 13,231 steps with 1,793 entries and a total of 24,312,761 steps!


Princeton Daily Recaps

As a team, we walked a total of 7,909,882 steps during this four-day challenge! 
Together we hiked from NYC to LA, took a stroll all around New England, and still have steps to spare!

Princeton Top 5

Day 1

Top 5 Participants

Day 2

Day 2 Top 5: 1. Jenny Korn '96 2. Isabella de la Houssaye 3. Warren Croxton 4. Eric Franklin 5. Pat Blake

Day 3

Day 3 Top 5: 51,059 Warren Croxton Faculty/Staff 46,260 Andrew Borders Faculty/Staff 45,681 Michael Behrman Alumni 42,145 Isabella de la Houssaye Alumni 38,164 Masato Hamada Other

Day 4

Ivy Step Challenge. Day 4 Recap Top 5

Daily Averages

Day 1 Total Averages

Ivy Step Challenge Leaderboard: Day 1 Total Averages - 1. Dartmouth 2. Princeton 3. Brown 4. Penn 5. Columbia 6. Harvard 7. Cornell 8. Yale

Day 2 Total Averages

Day 2 Total Averages Leaderboard: 1. Princeton 2. Dartmouth 3. Brown 4. Harvard 5. Columbia 6. Penn 7. Yale 8. Cornell

Day 3 Total Averages

Brown	14,219 Columbia	12,952 Cornell	12,736 Dartmouth	14,332 Harvard	11,056 Penn	11,713 Princeton	17,320 Yale	13,615

Day 4 Total Averages

Ivy Step Challenge Leaderboard: Day 4 Total Averages

Total Participation

Day 1 Entries & Steps

Day 1 Recaps. Total Participants: 130. Total Steps: 1,858,419

Day 2 Entries & Steps

Day 2 Recaps. Total Participants: 126. Total Steps: 1,899,046

Day 3 Entries & Steps

Entries: 118 Total Steps 2,043,755.00

Day 4 Entries & Steps

Day 4 Total Entries & Steps