Jadwin Gym Indoor Tennis Policies & Procedures 2023

Important Information:

The varsity tennis teams have first priority in scheduling all courts.

All recreational facility hours are subject to change without notification to accommodate varsity athletic and University events.

Indoor Tennis Permit

(JANUARY 30, 2023 - MAY 26, 2023)

Allows the permit holder the use of Jadwin Indoor Tennis courts only. This is a membership permit. An hourly fee will be charged. Permits will only be sold to individuals over the age of 15. Permits are non-transferable. Permits can be purchased at goprincetontigers.com/tennispermit.

2023 Fee Schedule Permit Singles/Doubles (1 hour rate)(Cash or Check Only)
Princeton Students $10 Free
Student Spouse and Dependent Family $15 $10
Faculty/Staff and Dependent Family $30 $10
Alumni and Consultant $35 $15

Indoor Tennis Policies and Procedures

–Court reservations may be made in person or by calling 609-258-5057 during open hours. Reservations can be made by permit holders only.

–Permit holders may only make (1) reservation per day and be limited to playing one hour per day unless participating in a doubles match.

–Students are not permitted to reserve the courts for more than 1 hour.

Reservations can be made as follows:

  • 3 days in advance - Students, Faculty and Staff
  • 2 days in advance - Alumni and Consultants

–All tennis players must register at the Reception Desk prior to playing and present a current and validated student ID card or tennis permit upon entry.

–A ten minute grace period will be given for reservations before the scheduled reservation is considered a no show. After the ten minutes, the court will be opened for play.

–All four players for a doubles reservation must arrive during the ten minute grace period.

Failure to cancel a reservation at least 1 hour in advance will result in the following penalties:

  • First Offense - will result in a warning.
  • Second offense - will result in the forfeiture of the permit card.

–Players will be permitted access to the court area no more than fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled court time.

–Teaching of private lessons on university property will result in loss of tennis privileges.

–No ball hoppers permitted by recreational users. Limit of two cans.

–Ball-guns not permitted.

–Tennis shoes only.

–No food or beverages other than water are allowed on playing courts.

–Children under the age of 15 must have adult supervision at all times while in the facility.

–No smoking, alcohol, pets, bikes, skateboards, or rollerblades are permitted in ANY athletic facility.

Players should be respectful and not infringe on the practices of our varsity teams. We respectfully ask that you remain off the courts until varsity practice is finished.

A copy of the weekly facility schedule for all recreational areas can be obtained at the reception desk in Dillon Gym or by calling the Campus Recreational Facility Hotline (609)258-4466.