Sport Club Handbook Introduction

Princeton Sport Clubs exist to provide the students, faculty, and staff of Princeton University the opportunity to participate in organized sport and competitive activity.  The program focuses on peer leadership and student development through both formal and informal programming.  Princeton Sport Clubs seek to develop leadership in students and provide learning opportunities to all participants.

Each club is composed of individuals who share a common interest in recreation and sport who organize to collectively pursue their goals.  Each club is formed, organized, and governed by students under the guidelines of Athletics and Campus Recreation.  Sport Clubs are student initiated and student-governed. 

Clubs compete with other collegiate clubs and organizations but are not to be confused with varsity athletics.  Varsity teams are subject to NCAA and conference rules, have paid full time coaches, and generally require a higher level of commitment for participation. 

Sport Clubs are open to all students, faculty and staff of Princeton University.  In certain sports, non-undergraduate students may be restricted or prohibited from competition because of league or governing body rules and regulations.  The success of each Sport Club and the program as a whole is dependent upon the active participation of all club members and officers.

This handbook has been created to assist club members and officers in organizing and governing their club.  It is important that club officers use this handbook as a reference throughout the year in addition to maintaining an open dialogue with the Campus Recreation office, Sport Club staff, and Sport Club Executive Council.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs.