Sport Club Instructor/Consultants

Princeton University Sport Clubs are able to contract with individuals to provide instruction in their chosen sport.  While the popular way of referring to these individuals is coach, individuals who work with Sport Clubs are independent contractors, and are classified by the University and Athletics as Instructor/Consultants.  All Instructor/Consultants must be vetted and approved by Princeton University and the Department of Athletics/Campus Recreation before they are able to work with any Sport Clubs or students.

All Instructor/Consultants must meet the following:

  • Provide Resume/CV
  • Posses a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification
  • Sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the University Anti-Harassment Policies
  • Complete Independent Contractor contract, including designating if instructor will be Volunteer or paid
  • Provide proof of $1 Million Personal Liability policy (Paid Instructors Only)

The process of vetting and onboarding an Instructor/Consultant:

  • Determine if the Instructor/Consultant will be paid or a volunteer position
    • The club must budget appropriately to accommodate any additional expenses for the Instructor/Consultant
  • Collaborate with the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs to identify qualified individuals
    • Instructor/Consultants must have coaching certifications in the chosen sport, or have a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the sport.This includes showing a capability to instruct and aid students in improving and developing their skills
  • Candidates must complete a background check performed by the University
  • After the background check has been completed candidates will meet with the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation for Sport Clubs
  • If the candidate is approved, final contracts and paperwork will be completed after meeting with the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs

Instructor/Consultants that will be returning must complete the following each year:

  • Princeton University administered Background Check
  • Current and valid CPR/First Aid/AED certification
  • Current and Valid Insurance Certificate (Paid Instructors Only)
  • Complete and Sign a contract each Academic year
  • Update Contact Information and Resume/CV as necessary

Helpful information for Sport Club officers and Instructors:

  • When possible, Sport Club Instructor/Consultants should be Princeton University Staff or Faculty
  • Volunteer Instructors are ineligible for any type of direct compensation for their involvement with the University
  • Instructor/Consultants are contracted to instruct, teach, and provide strategic help at practices and competitions.They are not permitted to participate in any Sport Club competitions as a member of a Princeton Sport Club.
  • Instructor/Consultants are not to be involved in any club administration or decision-making.Club officers are responsible for working with the Sport Club office for any and all needs of the team.
  • Instructor/Consultants are responsible for abiding by all local, state, and federal laws, as well as Princeton regulations for all Sport Club activities.
  • All Instructor/Consultants are contracted with the University, and either party are able to cancel the contract without cause
  • Clubs working with an Instructor/Consultant who is not approved by Princeton University will be subject to disciplinary action through the Sport Club office and Campus Recreation
  • Guest Instructors are permitted with advance notice to the Sport Club office
    • Guests Instructors are defined as only instructing one or two practices for the club
    • Any instructor working more than two practices must register as an Instructor/Consultant