Sport Club Yearly Operating Requirements and Information

  1. Required Forms
  2. Maintaining Active Status
  3. Service Requirement
  4. Meetings and Leadership Development
  5. Equipment

Each year Sport Clubs must complete several mandatory tasks and submit important information to the Sport Club office. 

These tasks are crucial to creating a vibrant, inclusive, and engaged Sport Club Program.  Ultimately through participation in a Sport Club or taking on a leadership role, we aim to enhance the student experience and build skills that will take students through their time on campus and well beyond.

Mandatory tasks and required information ranges from forms that are required once a year to information that must be updated and submitted on a regular basis.  Each Sport Club must meet the requirements and deadlines of the Sport Club office in order to remain in good standing with the Sport Club Program.  Failure to complete or submit required information by the deadlines assigned may result in fines, loss of privileges, reduced consideration for budgets, or suspension of Sport Club recognition.

Mandatory Tasks Each Year:

  • Compete at least once per academic year
  • Attend all mandatory meetings for officers
  • Complete all required paperwork
  • Maintain a regular practice schedule when in-season
  • Perform a team service project
  • Utilize Advancement to communicate with alumni and Friends
  • Collect and deposit dues

Required Forms Each Year for all Sport Clubs:

  • Officer Responsibilities Form
  • Roster
  • Budget Request Form
  • Fall Report
  • Spring Report
  • End of Year Equipment Inventory

Required Forms turned in as necessary:

  • Travel Requests
  • Home Game Requests

Sport Clubs are student run, student organized, and rely on the leadership of each individual club to be able to operate effectively and efficiently.  The Officer Responsibilities Form outlines the expectations of the Sport Club office for all officers and ensures that club officers are aware of their responsibilities to their club and the Sport Club office.

Rosters are required for all teams.  A Roster Template is available in each Sport Club Dropbox folder, as well as in a Google Form.  Sport Clubs are required to update and submit their rosters continuously. Rosters are important for teams to be able to manage membership and the information is important for Sport Clubs and the University to be able to track and manage the program.

Fall and Spring Reports help teams keep a record of their activities for the semester, as well as update the Sport Club office with important information on the activities of all clubs.

Sport Clubs hold a significant amount of equipment and gear for their teams and individual members.  Each Sport Club must keep an accurate inventory of their equipment and submit that inventory to the Sport Club office at the end of each academic year.