Club and Member Conduct

  1. Procedural Infractions
  2. Conduct Infractions
  3. Disciplinary Process

Sport Club participants are subject to the Princeton University Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities while participating in a Sport Club activity.  The Princeton University Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities are University-wide and supersede the rules and regulations of any school, department, governing body, or team.  All University students, faculty, and staff are responsible for knowing and complying with University policies.  Clubs are also required to inform and enforce University policy with regard to instructor/consultants, visiting teams, spectators, and officials.

Sport Club members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, and with the University’s philosophy and function as an educational institution both inside and outside the classroom.


Sport Club Officers are also required to acknowledge receipt, understanding, and adherence to the Sport Club Officer Responsibility Agreement.  This is required of all officers and captains.

Clubs are given certain responsibilities and benefits when recognized as Sport Clubs under Campus Recreation and Athletics.  They are given permission to use University buildings and space to hold practice and competitions, access to University funds, and permission to represent the University at off-campus competitions.  Because the University’s relationship with clubs is limited, the club officers and members are tasked with the responsibility of making sure the club is compliant with all University, Campus Recreation, and Sport Clubs policies and procedures.  Club officers are accountable for the actions of the club as a whole and/or any individual club members.  Violation of laws or University policies and procedures by club members, club staff, or instructor/consultants on or off campus may result in discipline under University policies.

The Sport Club disciplinary process addresses clubs that are found in violation of University policies.  Students who have violated University Policies and the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.  Club participants who are faculty or staff members who have violated University policies will be referred to their supervisor, department head, or dean for disciplinary action.  All students, faculty, staff, their guests, their spectators and instructor/consultants should be aware that their actions, in addition to University sanctions, may be subject to criminal prosecution under local, state, and federal laws that specify severe penalties for criminal offenses.

Students, Instructors, and faculty/staff are representatives of Princeton University while participating in club activities, and are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.