Facility Usage

  1. Scheduling
  2. Hosting Events
  3. Tournaments

Sport Clubs have been granted access to certain University facilities for practices and competitions during the academic year.  Sport Clubs are fortunate to share certain facilities with varsity teams at Princeton, in addition to sharing certain spaces with Campus Recreation programming.  Use of all facilities is subject to availability, and all practices, competitions, and other events must be scheduled and approved by the Sport Club office. In order to help with scheduling, priority for usage has been determined for all facilities:

  • Varsity competitions
  • Varsity practices
  • Intramural Sports/Sport Club Contests
  • Sport Club Practices

For all practices, competitions, and other events, advanced notice to request time and space to the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs is required to ensure appropriate time and space is available.  In Dillon Gym, practices are scheduled on a semester basis.  For all outdoor facilities, practices are scheduled quarterly.

Sport Clubs are responsible for any and all damage that occurs to a facility during their use.  Sport Club leadership and participants must report any damage that you encounter at a facility or that occurs during your reserved time.  This allows us to properly maintain all facilities and provide the best conditions for all events.

West Windsor Fields are grass fields made available for Sport Club teams to practice and compete during the academic year.  West Windsor Fields are closed to all use between Thanksgiving and the last Sunday of Spring Break.  Regardless of weather conditions, use of West Windsor is prohibited during this time.  This is to prevent damage to the grass surface and help maintain a usable surface for all Sport Clubs.  In case of adverse weather, West Windsor fields may be closed past Spring Break.  The Assistant Director for Sport Clubs along with the Director of Campus Recreation and Associate Director for Programs will determine if the fields are safe and suitable for use. 

All Sport Clubs are encouraged to avoid large tournaments at West Windsor the first two weekends after Spring Break.  This will reduce the chance of poor conditions preventing use of the fields.

The fields at West Windsor are lined once, at the beginning of each semester.  Sport Clubs using West Windsor for practices or competitions are responsible for maintaining the lines on their fields during the semester.  Field lining machines and field paint are available at the fields.  Sport Clubs should not use any supplies other than the paint and lining machines provided at West Windsor.  Doing so can damage the facility or damage the lining equipment.  If supplies of paint are running low or the lining machine is not working, the Sport Club Office should be notified as soon as possible.

Poe Field is a field that is reserved for open recreation and Intramural competitions.

Sport Clubs are prohibited from using Poe field for organized practices year-round.