Sport Club Travel

  1. Out of Region, Academic Break, and International Travel
  2. Travel to Competition by vehicle
  3. Vehicle Driver Certification
  4. Enterprise Rentals
  5. Enterprise Toll Protocol
  6. CarShare and Ride Sharing/Public Transportation
  7. Buses
  8. Personal Vehicles

All Sport Club Travel must be approved by the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs.  Any event that is not held on Princeton University’s main campus is considered travel.  Each club is responsible for making their own travel arrangements including transportation and lodging.  Sport Clubs operate during the academic year.  Teams are not able to practice, compete, or travel during the summer months outside the academic calendar.  The only exception to this policy is for a national championship the team has qualified for through the national governing body qualification process.

Sport Club Travel:

  • Must be requested and approved 2 weeks prior to travel
  • Travel rosters must be finalized 48 hours prior to departure
  • Must be requested through Concur
    • For any overnight travel outside of New York City or Philadelphia
    • For all International Travel
    • Refer to the Quick Reference Guide How to Create a Travel Request in Concur
  • May be requested by Travel Request Form
    • When traveling to New York City or Philadelphia for any duration
    • When leaving and returning to campus in the same day
  • Is subject to modification or cancellation by the University or Sport Club office at any time

Sport Club hotel travel is budgeted at 4 students per room.  Students must follow hotel policies regarding occupancy of hotel rooms at all times. 

When Co-Ed Sport Club teams are traveling, teams should budget for enough hotel rooms to house each gender in single-gender rooms.  (Ex. 4 students traveling, 2 female and 2 male.  Two hotel rooms should be reserved.  Students cannot be forced to stay in a room with members of the opposite gender.

Princeton University Students have access to several modes of transportation to competitions:

  • Enterprise Rental Vehicles
  • Enterprise CarShare
  • Ride sharing companies
  • Public Transportation
  • Coach and School Buses