Johnny Lam

Personal Trainer
Fitness Center

Johnny has been a personal trainer at Princeton University since October 2023.

He's currently on active duty as a sergeant in the US Marine Corps.  Although physical training is part of his way of living as a Marine, Johnny simply enjoys staying active and spending time at the gym.  He focuses on flexibility, mobility, strength, power, agility, endurance, calisthenics and military-style workouts.  If any of those areas meet your needs, Johnny will discuss and develop a routine to help you achieve your goals to the best of your abilities.

Johnny strives to create an enjoyable and rewarding physical training experience.  He'll assess and develop your physical and mental capacities.  Johnny enjoys his role as a personal trainer because he's happy to see people gaining confidence in their fitness.  Register for enjoyable and rewarding sessions with Johnny to achieve your fitness goals.  He's also a great listener!

Start Date
October 2023