Joshua Greer

Personal Trainer
Fitness Center

Joshua has been a personal trainer at Princeton University since August 2023.

He's a proud veteran of the US Marine Corps. Physical training has been a part of his life for many years.  His focus is on military-style workouts, weighted strength training and calisthenics. Depending on your level of skill and conditioning, Joshua will tailor a routine to your capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

He emphasizes that working out is a fun and rewarding experience. Having the right attitude and right motivation when going into a workout session will significantly impact your performance in a workout.  His role as a trainer is to develop your physical capacity.  But Joshua also feels that it's his responsibility to train your mental capacity. Having the right attitude and motivation before and during a workout will result in a more intense and productive workout session. An intense workout session indicates a strong muscle-mind connection which, consequently, develops your physical capacity. If you have reservations about intense workouts, he challenges you to strongly consider how those reservations will hinder your progress toward your goals.  His philosophy on working out can be summed up this way: The fun part is the mental training and the reward is unlocking new physical capabilities.

Joshua enjoys being a trainer because he's rewarded with satisfaction when he helps people achieve their goals. If this sparks your interest, Joshua invites you to do sessions with him so that he can work with you to train you physically and mentally. 

Start Date
August 2023