Sharon Rodgers, Ph.D.

Personal Trainer
Fitness Center

PhD, Princeton University


Sharon has been a personal trainer at Princeton University since August 2004.

Fitness is a long-term hobby for Sharon.  Although her interests germinated with machine-based exercise, she’s most interested in physical challenges that test and enhance the ability to manage one’s own bodyweight.  She enjoys powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Concept2 rowing but most of all loves to work with TRX bands, rings, kettlebells and other “exotic” equipment.  Working with clients and seeing them progress is extremely gratifying for her.

Sharon received her PhD in colonial American history at Princeton University and hopes to publish a full version of her dissertation under the title Merchants, Money and Markets in Provincial Massachusetts, 1690-1763.   This is a study of the first experiments with paper money in America.

Future academic projects include an examination of financial litigation in Massachusetts during the colonial and provincial periods and an analysis of cash flows based on the still-extant accounts of the Massachusetts Treasury for the period, 1654-1783.  The sources and uses of money by the province before, during and immediately following the American Revolution; the ways in which the government set its priorities; and the attitudes that produced its protective behavior would be her primary points of interest.

Sharon also wants to learn more about the socio-economic development of the Atlantic trading world during the Enlightenment.  The character of the world at that time is strikingly global.  The forces that shaped this environment – transportation, communications, trade, slavery, warfare, epidemics, and money as well as ideas – were dynamic links that influenced the interactions among the states in that world and also their relationships with the Middle East, northern and eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition, Sharon holds a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Finance.  Her interests here are in institutional-quality properties in international real-estate markets, the securitization of real estate and the effect of real estate-based derivatives on investment portfolios.

Sharon loves to learn new things and would pursue more degrees in several different subjects if she could.  If “money were no object,” she also would support a number of schools and charities of interest and travel the world.  A freelance book indexer, Sharon finds writing non-fiction and developing indexes to be her most rewarding creative outlets.

Start Date
Aug 2004