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Plan Before You Visit

A Princeton University ID card is required in order to access Dillon Gym. Princeton University Students have this access automatically activated on their ID's; anyone else affiliated with Princeton University can have access by purchasing a gym membership.

Access to Dillon Gym includes access to Stephens Fitness Center, Main Gym Floor (basketball courts), Rec Swim spaces, locker rooms & gender-inclusive restrooms.

Gym memberships also include access to Baker Rink, the indoor track in Jadwin Gym, and DeNunzio Pool, all based on their availability.

Facilities & Operations News

NEW: Locker Clean Out for 2022
May 3, 2022

This year, we are adjusting how locker cleanouts will be completed. Non-student members have the option to renew.

Squash Court & Dillon Pool CLOSURE
May 3, 2022

As we move forward in our timeline with the Dillon Gym Renovation & Expansion, the following are impacted: May 2, 2022: Squash Courts CLOSE & May 25, 2022: Dillon Pool CLOSE.