You'll be sailing two or three days a week in the fall and spring on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday.

We meet on the south lawn of Frist Student Center at 1:30pm and get back around 7:00pm.


We practice in FJ dinghies at the Raritan Yacht Club, which is a 30 to 40 minute drive north on Route 1. During these practices you will learn more about racing sailboats than ever before. You will become very good at one of the coolest sports there is. You will never get an opportunity like this again, and when you leave college, you can keep doing it for the rest of your life. Best of all, no experience is necessary to start.



Most regattas and our practices take place in two-person dinghies. That means that you’ll sail with a partner—either a skipper or a crew. It also means that you can compete against good competition very early even if you are a complete newcomer to sailing, because you can sail with someone who knows the ropes. WE VALUE DEDICATION OVER EXPERIENCE.


The sailing team experience can require anything from a moderate time commitment (two afternoons a week), to a big time commitment (three afternoons a week and lots of weekend regattas). Play it your way. Our flexibility lets you treat it as a serious hobby or as a way of life. You pay annual dues and get a lot for the money, but we individually pay for gear and travel expenses for regattas. We keep racing into November and start again in March, so the weather will get cold, and you will need gear to keep yourself warm. We will help you with that (used gear, group orders, etc.), but it usually requires an initial investment.

Club Hours:
3 times a week 
Practices held at the Raritan Yacht Club, Perth Amboy, NJ

For more information, contact: Rob Whitaker,

or visit our website at