Summer Camp Registration Instructions (Faculty/Staff/Student)

  1. Go to the login page and click on the Faculty/Staff/Student “Login Here”, and login with your netID.
  2. If your child(ren) are already attached to your account, then skip to #6 below.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on
    1. E-mail your name, your child(ren)’s name(s), your child(ren)’s date(s) of birth and the grade that they will be entering in the fall, and request to have them attached to your account.
  4. Wait for a confirmation from the Campus Recreation Office that they have been added to your account (At this point you will need to wait until your account is properly setup, usually within 1 business day).
  5. Once your account is setup, navigate back to the registration site and login again (step 1 above).
  6. Under “Classes” click on either “Junior Camp” or “Senior Camp” on the left side based on the grade of your child(ren).
  7. Click on “Register Now!” next to the week that you are registering for.
    1. A pop-up box will appear – check the box next to each of the children that will be attending that week and click “continue” (make sure you are separating “Junior” Campers from “Senior” Campers – there is a separate link for each on the left side).
      1. **NOTE: (depending on when your child’s birthday is, you may receive a red warning that your child is not the valid age for an enrollment – just verify that they will be in the appropriate grade and click “continue”).
    2. For multiple weeks, click "Continue Shopping" and repeat step 7 to add all of the desired weeks to your shopping cart.
    3. As you add each week to your cart, post-camp care for that week will be offered below the shopping cart.  If you would like to purchase post-camp care, simply click on “Add this Item” next to it to add it to your cart.
      1. **NOTE:  It will default to making you (the parent) the registrant for post-camp.  Once it is in your cart, make sure to change the checkboxes to make your child the registrant.
      2. **NOTE:  You do not need to register for post-camp at this time – you can purchase it separately at any time as long as your child is already registered for that week of camp.
  8. Click the green shopping cart icon.
  9. Confirm that your total is correct and click “Checkout” (camp pricing will calculate automatically based on how many weeks you’re purchasing for each camper).
  10. Read the applicable waivers and check the box stating that you agree to them and click “agree”.
  11. Fill in all required information and click “save and continue” (or click “continue” if you have more than one child and fill in their info too).
  12. Confirm the total again and click “Checkout”.
  13. If you would like to pay only the deposit, select that from the “payment options” dropdown box; otherwise, confirm that your order and the total is correct.
  14. Enter your billing and payment information and click “Process Payment”.
    1. **NOTE:  Make sure that ALL billing information fields are filled in.
  15. You will receive a receipt via e-mail.
  16. If you pay only the deposit and have a balance remaining, you can log back into the site at any time before the deadline to pay it.
  17. Later in the spring you will receive an invitation e-mail from CampDoc.
    1. Create your account and fill in all of the required information prior to the start of camp.