Private Swim Lessons

Due to the Dillon Pool closure, the university will not be running any swim lessons until at least the fall of 2023.

Important Information

Each private lesson is 30 minutes of one on one instruction for participants, ages 2 and up.

Lesson packages: 1 lesson = $45                5 lessons = $199     10 lessons = $390

Location: All classes are held at Dillon Pool (NOT DENUNZIO POOL) located in Dillon Gym at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544
For directions on getting to campus and where to park (Lot 23 or the West Garage) visit the parking

Scheduling: Times and dates of lessons are determined based on individual participant as well as instructor and pool availability. Lessons are subject to change, based on Dillon Pool availability. Please check the pool schedule before each lesson. Changes to regularly scheduled lessons need to be done 24 hours in advance. Any changes after that point will be charged as a lesson. All no-shows will be charged.

Fall Semester Lessons: Mid-September through Mid-December
Spring Semester Lessons: Mid-February through Mid-May

How to register:

  1. Once we begin accepting registrations again, a google form will be available here.
  2. An instructor will be matched to the participant and a start date determined by the Assistant Director of Aquatics. Estimated match time is 1 week.
  3. When a start date and instructor has been confirmed, you will receive an email. At that time, the payment can be made online under the sub-heading "Products" please select "Private Swim Lessons" and add the correct package to your cart. Please do not make any payment prior to receiving a confirmation email.

Pool Availability for Private Lessons

Academic Year
Please note these are GENERAL HOURS and may change frequently based on other events and activities being scheduled at the pool.

Type Mon/Wed Tues/Thurs Fri Sat
LANES 6:45pm-7:15pm 7:15pm-10pm 5:15pm-8pm 1pm-4pm
WADING POOL 6:45pm-7:15pm 8:30pm-10pm 5:15pm-8pm 1pm-4pm

*There are a limited number of instructors on campus in the summer, therefore we can only accommodate a small amount of private lesson inquires.

Type Mon-Fri Sat/Sun
LANES 5pm-8pm 1pm-4pm
WADING POOL 5pm-8pm 1pm-4pm