Personal Training


In-Person PT

In order to participate, you must be a student approved to be on campus or have a Dillon Gym membership. It's required that individuals abide by the same policies as general use of the gym.

Virtual PT

This offering is available for students and non-students (i.e., anyone who has an affiliation with Princeton University) who are not approved to be on campus. You do not need to purchase a Dillon Gym membership in order to participate.

Getting Started

The first step in getting started with personal training is to fill out and submit an Interest Form to Matt Brzycki, the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness, or simply email your name, contact information (phone number and/or e-mail address) and availability (days and times) to him. The second step is to purchase “time” (a session or package) online. Once these two steps have been completed, the information will be forwarded to a personal trainer who will contact you to schedule an appointment. Also note that prior to doing any personal training, you must complete the following paperwork (which can be done at the time of your first appointment with the trainer):

1. Informed Consent for Participation in Personal Training

2. Medical History Questionnaire. (Note that if you answer “yes” to any of the seven questions at the top of page two of the Medical History Questionnaire, you must also submit a Physician’s Clearance Form before you can participate in personal training.)

Price Structure

The prices below are the same for in-person and virtual personal training.

Princeton University Students

  • 1-hour session: $36.00
  • 1.5-hour session: $54.00
  • 5-hour package: $175.00
  • 10-hour package: $340.00
  • 20-hour package: $640.00
  • 30-hour package: $900.00


  • 1-hour session: $50.00
  • 1.5-hour session: $75.00
  • 5-hour package: $245.00
  • 10-hour package: $480.00
  • 20-hour package: $920.00
  • 30-hour package: $1,320.00

Sessions with a personal trainer typically last about 30 to 60 minutes. You will only be charged for the amount of time that you actually spend with a personal trainer. If your session lasts 45 minutes, for example, you will be charged for 45 minutes, not 60 minutes.


When done online, you can purchase “time” with a credit card or student account (students only). Payment must be made prior to doing any personal training.


There are no refunds for personal training. Any hours that are not used expire one year from the date of purchase and cannot be transferred to another person.

“No Shows”

To cancel an appointment, clients must contact their personal trainers directly at least 24 hours in advance. (Do not cancel an appointment by calling the Stephens Fitness Center; you must contact your personal trainer.) If your personal trainer isn’t notified within this time frame, you will be charged for the amount of time that the session was scheduled. In this case, you will receive an e-mail from your personal trainer stating that you will be charged for the missed session.


It’s expected that you begin your session on time as scheduled. Starting late does not entitle you to go beyond the length that the session was scheduled since this could extend into your personal trainer’s next appointment. If you will be more than five minutes late, you should call 609-258-3520. A personal trainer will only wait 15 minutes for late arrivals.


The dates and lengths of your sessions will be tracked by the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness. Your personal trainer will be notified when you are nearing the completion of your hours and pass along that information to you.