Recreational Swimming

Rec Pool

Rec Pool at the Class of 1986 Fitness & Wellness Center/Dillon Gym


Rec Pool

Located in the Class of 1986 Fitness & Wellness Center/Dillon Gym and is our primary location for Open Rec swim. The pool has 6 short course (25 yard) lanes and an additional wading pool for shallow water use.  The pool is kept at an average of 82 degrees.

DeNunzio Pool

DeNunzio Pool is our primary competition and varsity facility with limited Open Rec swim hours.  The pool has 20 short course (25 yard) or 8 long course (50 meter) lanes.  The pool is kept at an average of 80 degrees.

Both pools have a state-of-the-art Ultra Violet (UV) disinfectant system which reduces the amount of chlorine required and makes for a more comfortable user experience.


We offer morning, mid-day, evening and weekend options between both of our pools for recreational swimming.  The hours for Open Rec swim are updated regularly on our Aquatics Website –  When on the website click on the “Open Rec Swim”.

When reading the detailed schedule please see the key below.
SC = Short Course (25 Yards)
LC = Long Course (50 Meters)
The # following the SC/LC is the number of lanes assigned to the Client.


The usage policies for Dillon and DeNunzio can be found on the Facility Policies page.

When using the pool please share the lanes and circle swim (counterclockwise). Grouping yourself with similar ability levels will allow for a more enjoyable swim.

Please be aware there may be multiple programs scheduled simultaneously in this pool. The detailed schedule will let you know how many lanes are available and what group/program is assigned to each time.
Please be respectful of these lane assignments to allow for the most enjoyable swim experience for all!